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August 25, 2012
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Oh how unoriginal. A flying animation xD

Aaanyways, Serimon for :iconpenultimate-21: !

May you enjoy looking at this :iconimhappyplz:
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ads,kdfjaosjdflaksdfdas THANK YOU SO MUCH. :glomp:

This looks absolutely wonderful, it's so cute!!! You are too awesome, I love it <333

By the way, sorry for not commenting on this earlier, I just got home from a week long trip and haven't had access to a computer! ^^;
It's ok :D Welcome back!
I'm on the move right now myself

There's no such thing as too awesome :iconcrazysoloplz:

rgbwizard Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Too many projects - and not enough time :)
Yeah, you can surely )
I had some period when i was without my laptop/comp, i was saved by....books :)

Especally Conan Doyle, O'Henry and Alexander Duma.
I am sure you can find some good friends where ;)
For example, you can used to play some cards game - i mean Magic the Gathering (my favorite) or some othe board game - they are really awesome in a good company )
Thievery it's quite dangerous, yes...
I work with small things mostly for now. With a few bigger projects in the back of my mind.

I'd probably read Murakami orsth for starters. so far I've only read one slightly strange little book, but it felt refreshing nevertheless xD. Haven't read O'Henry tho, I think (lol I sound like a bookworm now).

naww. I'll just have to see what happens to catch my eye in a bookstore. even if I won't have much time to read there, a good book is nice to have when travelling. (oh yeah. I guess that's why I know what a book is. I travel way too much lol.)

I often also listen to stuff on my phone. I can get podcasts/audiobooks directly. so far my favorite podcast is by far Radiolab. it's science (sorta lol). but dude! IT'S JUST AWESOME!

yeah, cards can be real fun with the right people :D (and I used to think they were dull and boring). haven't heard of Magic the Gathering ,., but I've played Harry Potter Uno cards lol. in 4th grade I think.

I'll be living with 3 people in the same apartment xD (on the 9th floor lol) and I have no idea who they are! (votes for roomie to be a girl I'll get along with). I got muffin themed everyday stuff from dad's family~

Thieves are usually in a hurry so I have to hide my treasures well. and gotta have mah iphone on me 24/7
rgbwizard Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Small project rulezz! With em you can improve your skill )
Murakami is quite cool )
O'Henry just resemble to me my favorite science-fiction author Robert Shekli.
Lately i prefer read articles about AS3 programming ) It's so interesting to read things, common people can't understand )
Yeah, i can't imagine myself without my ipod now :)
Uno is very cool ))) I used to play it ) We have some kind of board-games party with my friends ) I hope this people will be fun and cool as you're a :) Yeah, hide the treasures well )
I am now on a rented apartment so hiding em too))
Actionscript is a lot like java. I learned that at school a little, so I prettymuch started testing if/elses before I reached the chapter in my course :D . I'm on an animating break atm tho. (I started mising bright/colorful things lol)

secret skills are fun :D and they exist in prettymuch every field. w00t-

I didn't get into my first choice at university which was media & advertisement design. (it has prettymuch everything you can design within a computer). they only had like 7 spots lol. so I'm gonna get some contacts and stuff in economics for now xD I'm sure there's cool people there
rgbwizard Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah, my friend learning java and we saw the similarities )
I am quite bad at animation things :)
I am sure you can meet some cool people there ;)
Hope this cource will be fun )
Waahg! Serimon looks so cute and such nicely done animation, as always!
Serimon is cute xD yeah
I tend to imagine him flying over an Avatar The Last Airbender ending creditish scenery
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